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The 5 Year Plan

Brompton Community School Fredericksburg VA

Starting any new venture is an exciting, stressful, beautiful, complicated thing. The Brompton Community School is no exception. Except that it is. It is exceptional. BCS is different from other schools on so many levels.

Of course there are challenges and so much left to figure out but we’re on our way to building the most beautiful, inviting, wonderful learning environment possible. With so much “newness” I thought it might be helpful to lay out the very basic version of our 5 year plan.

2020 – open with licensed teachers & 1 aide for each class (total of 3 classrooms & 12 students/class).

2020 – apply for daycare licensure so that we can remain open for parents who are essential workers in the event of a shutdown.

2021 – add two additional classrooms.

2021 – become a certified b-corporation.

2022 – move to a larger building

2022 – distribute stocks to founding teachers

2025 – seek & obtain accreditation (this requires operating for 5 years prior to application)

Of course there are so many layers and lists sandwiched between this very pared down timeline. If you have any questions about our plans or have suggestions about how we can operate better I’m all ears! You can email me any time at

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