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About Us

Brompton Community School is a K-8 independent school in Fredericksburg, Virginia, meeting the community's demand for an alternative to public and private schools. BCS offers a home-like, nature-based environment with a rich curriculum that focuses on rigorous studies in math, language arts, history, and science as well as critical thinking and social-emotional learning with ecology and environmental sustainability underpinning everything. 


Our days are spent mostly outdoors, rain or shine. Inside, our classrooms are sanctuaries; sacred places for kids to learn, dream big, explore, and develop a deep love of learning. We do not teach to a test, we teach for true comprehension. Our goal is to meet each child where they are and commit to expanding and extending their understanding of the world around us,

nature-based learning King George VA

Brompton Community School is a proud member of
the Eastern Association of Forest and Nature Schools.

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